Social projects and sustainability

Social and environmental initiatives have long been an important topics in the agenda of the TH Group.
Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy and is constantly being developed further. Below is a selection of our sustainability initiatives and social projects.

Environmental projects "Biodiversity" of the TH Group in Vietnam
Biodiversity is a big topic in Vietnam. Due to the enormous growth of population, economy and in particular the expansion of conventional agriculture, a lot of natural habitat for the diverse native flora and fauna has been lost in recent decades.
The TH Group is carrying out a series of projects to counteract the trend and specifically promote biodiversity. A great example of this activity is a 35 km long "biodiversity corridor" to promote biodiversity at the TH Milk Farm in Dalat, a city in the central mountainous region of Vietnam. This corridor provides more than 10 ha of protected habitat for the native flora and fauna. Another example is a project to restore and protect a 22-hectare bird sanctuary in Nghe An Province, North Vietnam. These efforts are part of the concept of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture of the TH Group.

Support of rural communities and minorities in North Vietnam
The TH Group makes significant investments in technology-oriented, sustainable agriculture in structurally weak regions of North Vietnam, thereby creating new future-oriented jobs. This opens up completely new qualification and stable earning opportunities for people from rural communities. Particular attention is paid to the support of ethnic minority workers, who are otherwise often disadvantaged in the labor market. Within the TH Group, all business units and subsidiaries are required to adhere to standardized rules on equal rights and anti-discrimination via a binding policy.   

Contributions to animal welfare of dairy cows on the farm of TH milk in Nghe An (Vietnam)
The TH Group is a pioneer in animal welfare in Southeast Asia. The well-being of the cows is a very important aspect of the company's dairy farm.
The dairy cows on the TH farm are kept in accordance with the principles of organic farming. The animals are not only given special attention in terms of maintaining a good physique, but also mental health is promoted, e.g. by provision of music in especially designed areas of the stables.
A very special aspect of livestock farming on the TH-Farm is - as far as possible - the avoidance of conventional veterinary medicine for diseases treatment and instead the use of natural healing methods such as the administration of herbs or acupuncture.