Our exotic bio botanials 

of course 100% natural, bio certified and vegan 

Gấc fruit

Gấc fruit (Momordica cochichinensis) is also called “Fruit from Heaven” in Asia. The fruit is a valuable gift of nature featuring an attractive nutritional profile. Organic Gấc fruits are carefully cultivated on our TH Herbal farm in Northern Vietnam. 

Gota Kolu

Gotu Kolu (Centella asiatica) is a highly treasured herb in Asia that is cherished as source of cool natural refreshment. The herb can be used for creation of wonderful  exotic drinks and relaxing natural refreshments. TH Herbal cultivates the plant on its own organic farm in a quiet valley of Northern Vietnam.


Hibiscus originates from Asia. The dried flower is used for making aromatic teas and for wellness applications. 
Due to its composition and the slighty tarty stimulating taste, hibiscus is an ideal ingredient for exotic drinks.

Acerola cherry

Acerola grows in tropical climates and is especially known for its high contents of anti-oxidants like Vitamin C. 
It features a slightly sour savory taste note which enriches drinks in a refreshing way.

Other valuable bio ingredients 

of course 100% natural, bio certified and vegan 

Aromatic and refreshing, mint is know for stimulating fresh teas and also as signature ingredient of many Southeast-asian dishes.  

Black berry
Blackberry is not only known for savory taste and stong colour but also due to its specific valuable nutitional composition. 

Passion fruit
This highly valued superfruit combines a fruity-sweet taste with a remarkable spectrum of nutrients. 

Lemon is THE synonyme for freshness and antioxidant power. 

The essence of nature: Pure alpine water is one of our key ingredients

TH true Herbal drinks are produced with pure  water from wells in the Alps in Austria. Die Alps are representing Europe's largest reserve of freshwater and are renowned for the special quality of the water. 

TH true Herbals drinks for the European market are exclusively produced in Austria at the site of a most experienced bottling company to guarantee highest quality of our products.